About US

We are professional and experienced company  supplying equipment and solution for various grain and food processing plants, Agricultral equipment, poultry, livestock, aqua farming equipment. from the processing equipments and workshop warehouse to the raw material storage. Relying on qualified manufacturers with years of experience and different design, manufacturing, installation team, our business scope covered:

  • Wheat flour milling machine  (5-1000T/24H)
    For Wheat Flour, Semolina.
    Capacity: 5T-1000T/24H
  • Maize /Corn Flour Milling machine
    For Grits, Meal/Flour
    Capacity: 5-1000TPD
  • Animal Feed Processing Plant
    For Mash feed, Pellet Feed for Poultry, Cow, Goat, Fish and so on
    Capacity: 0.5T-30T/H
  • Floating Fish Feed Plant
    Floating fish feed flor Tilapia with dry processing mode and steam conditioning procesing mode.
    Capacity: 100kg/h-3T/H
  • Edible Oil Extraction and refinery Plant
    For Crude Oil, Refined Oil, Salad Oil from Sunflower, Soy, Maize Germ and so on
    Capacity: 5-500TPD
  • Raw grain Storage Steel Silo
    Silo Storage for Wheat,maize, corn, paddy, rice, soy, pellet feed etc.,
    Capacity: 10-5000T/Unit
  • Poultry, livestock, aqua farming equipment
    Broiler Plain and cage raising, Layer H type cage and A type Raising system, Rearing system: warehouse, cages, water and feed line, cooling &ventilation system, heating system. manure processing equipment.
    Livestock farming crate, manure scraping and further processing system, farming warehouse, water& feed line, heating, cooling, ventilation system.
    Pond fish farming system and cage farming system in lake, deep river for Tilapia.
  • Agricultural equipment
    cassava planter, cassava harvester, cassave deep processing equipment.
    Sweet potato planter and harvester.
    Tomato nursery, planter, green house system, irrigation system and so on.

With years of experience and successful projects, our professional design, qualified equipment and excellence service  will help you maximum your profit after plant running and help you to be the local market leader in the food and grain processing industry.

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