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Grain Storage Steel Silo

Grain Storage Steel Silo

Brief Introduction-Flow Diagram, Component and auxiliary equipment for the grain storage steel silo


1. General Storage Introduction
2. Assembly Grain Silo
3. Basic Flow of Grain Storage Steel Silo System
4. Basic Assembly Silo Type
5. Main Equipment in Each Section


General Storage Introduction

Generally, current bulk storage system is warehouse storage and bulk grain storage silo system.
Grain Storage Steel Silo system, Compared with Warehouse Grain Storage System, own more advantage(automatic grain control and monitoring, low labor cost) and is more and more popular now.
Among kinds of silo(Concrete&Brick, Steel Silo), assembly type grain storage silo now grow rapidly no matter in China or all over the world.

grain storage silo system
grain storage silo system

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Assembly Grain Silo

Assembly Type Storage Steel Silo is made in Corrugated galvanized steel plated, enhanced by internal or external stiffener and joint by hot galvanized steel bolts; the capacity of each bin can be from 10T to 10000T each or more.
Industies which can own  silo storage:
animal feed processing factory – primary grain(maize/corn, barley, soya), powder, mash feed and pellet feed storage;
primary grains and final flour, grits storage in flour mill, rice mill’s paddy and rice storage, Commercial bulk grain storage including wheat, maize or corn, soya, sunflower, rice, various beans and so on; almost all powder and granularity storage(chemical powder, resin and so on), even it can be worked as water storage tank.

Assembly Steel Silo is manufactured in standard components: galvanized wall plates, stiffener, roof components and other auxiliary equipment.
Such silo system can be easily shipped in minimum cost to every country from our factory. At site installation will be much easy by connecting components with galvanized steel bolts which will be fast and convenient. After installation maintenance and reassemble will also be convenient and cost low.
With the help of loading elevators, conveyors, grain status monitoring and control device, the remote automatic control can be easily operated by one man.

Basic Flow of Grain Storage Steel Silo System


Grain receipt:
Grain was dumped into the pit to the silo loading elevator or grain clean sieve to do pre-clean process before loading into silo, during this process, dust removal and filtration system can be adopted in.
Grain Loading:
Bucket elevator lift the grain into the silo directly or conveyor above the silo for distribution for multi silo.
Grain Status monitoring& Control:
During storage period, grain status monitoring and control system help us to make the stored grain safety through monitoring device and ventilation control fans and pipes, even we can change silos to keep grain in good storage status.
Unloading From Silo:
for unloading, bottom auger and conveyor will transport the grain out for truck loading or to factory directly.

Basic Grain Storage Silo Flow Diagram
Basic Grain Storage Silo Flow Chart

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Basic Assembly Silo Type

Usually there are two types according to the silo bottom type: flat bottom Silo and Conical Bottom Silo (Hopper Silo).

Cone Bottom Silo

Every grain own different repose angle and can flow out easily from the conical hopper. After unloading, grain will not left some inside the silo, this type suitable for silo capacity below 1000T.

The cone can be concrete one or steel one supported by steel structure or concrete structure.

Flat Bottom Silo

For Large capacity silo, the bottom could not be in the form of conical one, of course, flat bottom is the best choice for such silo. To clean out the remain grain inside the silo after unloading, here sweep auger will be the best solution. otherwise, we will have to clean it out manually.

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Main Equipment In Each Section

Loading Bucket Elevator& Support Tower:
High tense Belt Bucket Elevator Lift the grain into the silo, its’ supporting tower contains rotary stairs and maintenance platform.

Pre-clean Sieve & dust filtration:
The primary grain usually contains leaves, strop, dust which will affect the long time storage quality and safety.

silo & monitoring:
How to know the grain status in the storage silo? monitoring device can show us with different point in the silo and tell us if ventilation system need start or not.
Open the Slide gate, stored grain will flow into conveyors and be transported to the factory or truck



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