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20TPD Maize Milling Machine

20TPD Maize Milling Machine

Maize Milling Machine for fine Maize Flour/ meal and maize grits

As a basic starting for people new in the maize milling machine industry in the meal market, 20TPD maize milling machine is the best choice with lower investment, space cost, short installation period and final products variety. Depends on the good quality breakfast meal and grits got by the maize milling machine, people can easily step into and seize more flour market rapidly.

To operate such a 20TPD maize  milling machine,  5-6 people will be enough for high efficiency works for each shift.

Parts of Maize Milling Machine

The 20t per day maize milling machine plant contains below section:

  • Raw maize cleaning
  • Maize conditioning and embryo removing
  • Maize Flour milling
  • Meal/flour, grits packing-manual or optional auto.
20TPD maize milling machine
maize milling machine with capacity 20T per day

Products Variety of Maize Milling Machine

With the 20T maize milling machine, we can get below final products. and the  meal and grits size can be adjusted easily according to market need.

  • Low Fat Maize Meal / Flour – Mainly human consumption
  • Maize Grits – For snack food and brewery
  • Maize Bran and Husk – For animal Feed
  • Maize Germ

Maize Milling Machine Parameter

1. Production capacity: 20T Maize /24h
2. Production variety:
1)Fine Maize Meal/flour(can also be only flour without grits);
2)Maize grits(can be big and small);
3)   Maize germ;
4)  Maize bran and Fodder flour
3. Products Extraction Rate:
1) Maize Meal/Flour and Grits:75-85%(Depends on maize Quality)
2) Maize germ: 6-10%
3) Maize bran and Fodder flour:10-14%
4. Workshop: (L×W×H): 25×7.5×5.5m
5. Rated Power: About 72kW
6. Container: 40’GP x1

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