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30TPD Corn Flour Mill

30TPD Corn Flour Mill

30t per day corn milling machine line contains clean, conditioning and germ removal section, grits milling , sifting and packing section.
Before corn was grounded into required grits and fine flour, it was cleaned by a series of equipment and conditioned to suitable status to ensure the final flour quality, purity and also safety during the normal production.
Here in the clean section, we can remove large/ small impurities, dust, stone, sand, metal impurities and so on.

The 30T one lay all the main machine on the ground floor which will not need higher warehouse to hold, and can be fitted into many common warehouses without special extra building.

Below is the Basic parameter for reference:

Capacity: 30T/24H
Rated Power: about 75kw
Warehouse Dimension: 25m*8m*5m/7.5m
extraction rate:80-85%
Container: 20’GP*1

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