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Small Scale Flour Mill

Small Scale Flour Mill

Small Scale Flour Milling Machine production line ranges from 5TPD to 50TPD.
Through Small but their processing flow is not short, it usually contains clean , milling and packing for wheat flour milling machine, for maize /corn meal processing,

it will be optional germ / embryo removal section to get low fat meal or grits in different size.


Products variety:

For wheat: we can get standard flour from all the machine and special flour from the machine line with larger capacity.

For maize /corn : flour and grits are adaptable according to market reuqirement.

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All theses kinds of small scale one will only need empty warehouse to hold it, no matter in steel structure or in brick one, for all such equipment will have their own support or platform, it will be quickly set up and runing in short time. 


 Small Scale Flour Milling equipment will occupy lower space and low cost, the short incestment payoff period is quite an ideal beginning of starting a business  and  the final products- flour, meal, grits will take over the market rapidly

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