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100TPD Wheat Milling Plant

100TPD Wheat Milling Plant

Process Wheat 100T/24H Flour Milling Plant can be in the form of steel platform also in storied building by concrete.

The 100T wheat milling plant contains wheat cleaning, and conditioning, cleaned wheat milling,sifting, auto packing system and of course general control system.

Compared with the one below 100T, this plant can working in more efficiency way and the flow chart was designed much better, so that we can get more fine flour in different grade after milling and sifting. Impurities including large, small, heavy, light, dust and  so on, mixed with the wheat will be all efficiently removed after the clean section by various clean equipment.
After clean and conditioning section, the tempered wheat will be send to milling and sifting to do the grinding progress and extract fine flour or fine semonlina gradually. During the wheat size reduction, flour extraction grading, sifting and purification, we can have the final products in high quality and yield rate, such as fine wheat flour or semonlina, and by products wheat bran.

For different products, we can equipped with the manual and auto packing system which will need less people to operate  in more accurate way and less breakdown.The wheat flour packing system can filling, weighing and sewing the bags automatically with only people to feed the bags and send it to the sewing machine. Package size can be various according to flour market need.

Basic Parameter for Wheat Milling Plant 100TPD:

Rated Power: About 410kw
Warehoouse Dimension: 41m * 10m * 11.5m (steel platform)
Containers: 40’GP*5
Extraction Rate: Standard Flour: 75-82%; Grade II Flour: 72-75%; Grade I Flour: 70-72%
Installation time: 3 months




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